These are the 79 Swarm calls to in 2022

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Date Time Sort Numeric 9 to 1  Location Postcode Sort Alpha Z-A  Temperature Sort Numeric 9 to 1 
Sunday 8 May at 8.51PMFiery Hill RdB45 8LF14.9
Friday 27 May at 8.09AMAlvechurchB48 7EDNot recorded
Friday 30 September at 11.46AMViceroy ClB5 7UX12.1
Saturday 18 June at 8.45AMMercia ClB60 3HY15.0
Saturday 14 May at 11.22AMStourbridge RdB61 0AE17.5
Monday 28 March at 1.37PMSwan LnB61 7EW11.7
Friday 6 May at 12.55PMMayfield RdB63 1BQ16.5
Sunday 17 April at 9.47PMButchers LnB63 2RU14.0
Saturday 16 April at 9.05AMWhitestone RdB63 3PUNot recorded
Monday 27 June at 5.00PMCradley Heath B64 7HAB64 7HANot recorded
Friday 8 July at 7.06PMOldbury B69 9ELB69 9ELNot recorded
Monday 16 May at 12.39PMChurch RdB96 6EH18.0
Saturday 14 May at 5.05PMBromsgrove RdB97 4SQNot recorded
Sunday 15 May at 8.38AMBromsgrove RdB97 4SQ14.4
Monday 27 June at 4.13PMRedditch B97 6HEB97 6HE19.2
Thursday 23 June at 1.46PMMarchwood ClB97 6TX21.7
Thursday 30 June at 7.49PMSculthorpe RdDY10 3JL14.2
Thursday 30 June at 7.59PMBlakedownDY10 3LF14.2
Wednesday 18 May at 2.19PMKidderminster DY11 7RADY11 7RA18.9
Monday 5 September at 10.15PMOakhampton RdDY13 0NR16.3
Saturday 9 July at 4.16PMMalvern CresDY2 0RZ25.7
Thursday 16 June at 1.10PMTipton RdDY3 1AANot recorded
Friday 25 March at 12.42PMRedhall RdDY3 2NU14.8
Saturday 11 June at 10.53AMLongfellow RdDY3 3EE17.1
Saturday 11 June at 6.50AMLongfellow RdDY3 3EE12.9
Friday 27 May at 4.50PMPennswood ClDY3 3QT19.6
Saturday 9 July at 1.57PMKingswinford DY6DY6 8HQ23.3
Tuesday 2 August at 4.20PMMount PleasantDY6 9SNNot recorded
Saturday 9 July at 3.30PMNew StDY6 9UANot recorded
Sunday 10 July at 11.21AMNew StDY6 9UA21.7
Monday 18 July at 12.56PMNew StDY6 9UA30.9
Wednesday 1 June at 9.20PMStourtonDY7 5BH13.3
Sunday 8 May at 4.04PMBrockley's WalkDY7 6JTNot recorded
Sunday 8 May at 5.42PMRedhill ClDY8 1NF18.5
Monday 27 June at 1.19PMWhitehall RdDY8 2JT17.4
Sunday 22 May at 2.59PMHagleyDY8 2XU20.3
Wednesday 6 April at 12.07PMSandy RdDY8 3AJNot recorded
Thursday 5 May at 9.51PMEveson RdDY8 3BS13.2
Saturday 26 November at 8.53PMPark Rd WDY8 3NG12.1
Sunday 3 July at 5.56PMFir GroveDY8 3PG20.4
Tuesday 5 July at 9.04PMCrystal AveDY8 4AWNot recorded
Wednesday 1 June at 1.11PMEggington RdDY8 4QJ13.3
Wednesday 6 July at 3.32PMLickey RdDY8 4UB24.0
Thursday 12 May at 9.07AMPark RdDY9 0NSNot recorded
Thursday 11 August at 10.19AMChawn HillDY9 7JANot recorded
Saturday 8 January at 11.56AMHungary HillDY9 7PU8.5
Friday 27 May at 1.39PMWorcester WR1 1HPWR1 1HP17.8
Friday 1 July at 10.26PMWorcester WR1 3EJWR1 3EJ14.7
Wednesday 15 June at 5.06PMEvesham WR11 1DUWR11 1DUNot recorded
Friday 17 June at 6.07PMRobinia ClWR11 2EZNot recorded
Sunday 8 May at 4.25PMLeigh SintonWR13 5DJ18.3
Friday 13 May at 2.45PMBeauchamp RdWR14 1RZ17.6
Tuesday 13 September at 2.22PMGreenfields RdWR14 1TSNot recorded
Sunday 22 May at 1.24PMMalvern WR14 1UUWR14 1UU19.0
Wednesday 20 July at 4.21PMKing's End RdWR2 4RA20.4
Saturday 4 June at 10.09PMWorcester WR2 5GHWR2 5GHNot recorded
Thursday 2 June at 1.17PMThe SpinneyWR2 6HL19.0
Sunday 22 May at 11.47AMHallowWR2 6NX17.1
Saturday 14 May at 10.36AMHallowWR2 6NX15.4
Wednesday 20 July at 4.20PMDroitwich RdWR3 7LG20.4
Wednesday 18 May at 1.32PMGreat Oaty GardensWR4 0HD17.7
Sunday 15 May at 8.55AMGreat Oaty GardensWR4 0HD14.4
Wednesday 4 May at 5.28PMCavendish StWR5 3DU16.0
Friday 27 May at 4.21PMBath RdWR5 3EZ19.6
Monday 30 May at 11.41AMFoxglove RdWR5 3HG12.5
Sunday 15 May at 6.04PMMain RdWR5 3LHNot recorded
Monday 16 May at 8.56AMMain RdWR5 3LH15.2
Saturday 4 June at 9.08AMSwan OrchardWR6 5HZNot recorded
Wednesday 8 June at 5.34PMGrafton FlyfordWR7 4PQ16.0
Wednesday 1 June at 1.18PMStoultonWR7 4RL13.3
Wednesday 25 May at 6.04PMWorcester WR8 0PYWR8 0PYNot recorded
Friday 27 May at 12.00PMElmley LovettWR9 0PSNot recorded
Saturday 30 April at 9.03PMSale GreenWR9 7LNNot recorded
Tuesday 7 June at 12.10PMOld Coach RdWR9 8BBNot recorded
Thursday 2 June at 6.38PMVines LnWR9 8LT19.0
Saturday 14 May at 4.14PMChawson PleckWR9 8TB20.6
Thursday 30 June at 8.39AMShowell GrnWR9 8UE14.4
Thursday 12 May at 9.01AMDroitwich WR9 9ASWR9 9ASNot recorded
Sunday 15 May at 1.31PMCoppice ClWR9 9JD17.2