These are the 146 Swarm calls to in 2020

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Date TimeLocationPostcodeTemperature
Wednesday 22 April at 7.09PMBalmoral WayB14 4NU18.3
Saturday 20 June at 12.13PMThe HayesB31 3QG15.7
Thursday 2 July at 2.48PMTitania ClB45 0EE20.1
Tuesday 19 May at 1.42PMOld Birmingham RdB45 8ES22.9
Tuesday 19 May at 7.16PMOld Birmingham RdB45 8ES21.5
Thursday 21 May at 10.13AMOld Birmingham RdB45 8ES18.3
Tuesday 11 August at 1.42PMBirmingham B48 7QGB48 7QG27.6
Wednesday 20 May at 2.59PMRoslin ClB60 2EZ24.0
Sunday 10 May at 1.54PMCedar DrB60 2JP10.5
Tuesday 19 May at 7.15PMHigh MeadowsB60 3QR21.5
Tuesday 26 May at 7.52PMHanbury CroftB60 4BF22.2
Wednesday 17 June at 12.07PMPaget ClB61 7JE17.5
Friday 8 May at 2.10PMStourbridge RdB61 9LH21.1
Tuesday 26 May at 9.21AMStourbridge RdB61 9LX17.5
Thursday 7 May at 5.36PMDark LnB62 0PJ22.1
Monday 18 May at 1.50PMMayfield RdB63 1BQ19.8
Sunday 12 July at 2.00PMTanhouse LnB63 2JF20.4
Tuesday 21 July at 8.44PMIverley RdB63 3EP18.8
Monday 18 May at 2.26PMTibberton ClB63 3ER20.1
Sunday 17 May at 3.30PMHoneybourne RdB63 3HD19.0
Friday 22 May at 5.34PMWhitefriars DrB63 3SY17.7
Saturday 6 June at 3.48PMBassnage RdB63 4HA16.1
Wednesday 1 July at 9.18PMBarrs RdB64 7HB17.9
Thursday 2 July at 1.15PMRegis RdB65 8BD18.6
Monday 18 May at 7.02AMRowley VillageB65 9HH9.7
Tuesday 2 June at 7.08PMHadley StB68 8PU24.0
Monday 25 May at 6.29PMDagger LnB71 4BA23.0
Wednesday 20 May at 7.34PMDagger LnB71 4BA24.9
Tuesday 30 June at 8.07PMSutton Coldfield B72B72 8JW18.7
Saturday 16 May at 6.38PMCastle RdB80 7LP17.1
Monday 25 May at 2.13PMMarlpool DrB97 4RX22.0
Saturday 4 July at 11.02AMRedditch B97 5TRB97 5TR18.8
Sunday 12 April at 12.53AMRedditch B97 6HQB97 6HQ10.9
Saturday 16 May at 3.06PMIbstock ClB98 0PH17.1
Friday 8 May at 4.45PMHollyberry ClB98 0QU22.7
Monday 17 February at 1.20PMMercot ClB98 7YX8.7
Saturday 15 February at 11.16PMMercot ClB98 7YX12.3
Monday 27 April at 11.45AMStratford-upon-Avon CV37 0NSCV37 0NS12.5
Thursday 21 May at 10.12AMWorcester RdDY10 1JR18.3
Wednesday 12 August at 11.47AMHighfield RdDY10 2TJ28.5
Thursday 25 June at 12.24PMLea LnDY10 3TA28.6
Monday 13 July at 10.01AMWolverleyDY11 5SYNot recorded
Sunday 14 June at 7.11PMWestville AveDY11 6BZ22.9
Sunday 24 May at 5.11PMBewdley DY12 1ATDY12 1AT21.5
Wednesday 6 May at 1.45PMWaterloo RdDY12 2JL15.2
Wednesday 10 June at 1.17PMSevern WayDY13 0RY14.6
Friday 17 July at 2.28PMDunleyDY13 0TT23.6
Wednesday 20 May at 1.04PMGrasmere GroveDY13 8JT23.0
Friday 22 May at 3.57PMWilden LnDY13 9LR16.9
Wednesday 1 July at 9.20PMSaltwells RdDY2 0BL17.9
Saturday 13 June at 12.39PMTansley Hill RdDY2 7ER21.5
Monday 13 April at 12.34PMChurch RdDY3 4PG8.6
Wednesday 27 May at 4.12PMCharles RdDY5 1AG24.2
Sunday 10 May at 10.20AMPark RdDY5 2DF12.1
Sunday 12 July at 2.59PMStamford RdDY5 2QE20.4
Wednesday 20 May at 2.36PMBrierley Hill DY5 4JHDY5 4JH24.0
Tuesday 9 June at 4.58PMHigh OakDY5 4LA19.5
Saturday 25 April at 12.32PMCherry Tree RdDY6 7DP11.7
Wednesday 3 June at 9.40AMHoneytree ClDY6 8NY14.0
Tuesday 7 July at 4.13PMBerkeley DrDY6 9DT13.8
Monday 8 June at 10.39AMCedar GardensDY7 6BW13.0
Monday 8 June at 4.19PMStourton CresDY7 6RR17.3
Wednesday 15 July at 5.02PMStourbridge DY8 1JNDY8 1JNNot recorded
Friday 29 May at 5.06PMLea Vale RdDY8 2AY24.2
Tuesday 16 June at 10.47AMStourbridge DY8 2RZDY8 2RZ19.0
Monday 2 March at 4.33PMShenstone AveDY8 3DZ9.4
Friday 17 July at 5.16PMHighpark AveDY8 3LY24.1
Thursday 21 May at 9.44AMTrinity RdDY8 4LZ16.3
Wednesday 20 May at 8.21PMTrinity RdDY8 4LZ23.4
Friday 8 May at 10.09AMYork CresDY8 4RT17.3
Saturday 16 May at 7.22PMYork CresDY8 4RT17.4
Tuesday 19 May at 8.02AMYork CresDY8 4RT14.0
Sunday 17 May at 9.48AMYork CresDY8 4RT11.4
Tuesday 19 May at 8.51PMYork CresDY8 4RT20.0
Monday 29 June at 7.06AMRichmond GroveDY8 4SE13.3
Tuesday 19 May at 3.29PMPinewoods AveDY9 0JF23.7
Sunday 17 May at 11.12PMNursery ClDY9 0NE13.0
Monday 18 May at 9.18AMNursery ClDY9 0NE12.9
Tuesday 15 September at 12.06PMPark RdDY9 0NS24.2
Sunday 17 May at 12.03PMPark RdDY9 0NS16.4
Thursday 14 May at 7.45PMPark RdDY9 0NS14.4
Tuesday 5 May at 10.08AMKidderminster RdDY9 0PZ11.0
Monday 1 June at 1.28PMDrew CresDY9 0UX22.3
Sunday 7 June at 7.24PMBredon AveDY9 7NR16.2
Wednesday 1 July at 9.17PMHungary HillDY9 7PS17.9
Monday 15 June at 7.05PMHilltopDY9 9BZ21.6
Thursday 14 May at 7.46PMBelbroughtonDY9 9XH14.4
Wednesday 22 April at 3.14PMRippleGL20 6HE20.0
Sunday 10 May at 12.59PMHill ClGL20 7EW11.2
Saturday 9 May at 3.45PMHill ClGL20 7EW22.9
Tuesday 12 May at 3.06PMToddingtonGL54 5DP14.9
Thursday 16 July at 3.05PMBrook StWR1 1JB23.5
Saturday 18 July at 8.45AMTownsend StWR1 3JQ16.5
Monday 20 July at 4.44PMTownsend StWR1 3JQ20.1
Thursday 7 May at 1.24PMHigh StWR10 1AA19.5
Monday 27 April at 1.18PMHigh StWR10 1EQ15.9
Wednesday 3 June at 3.18PMBirlinghamWR10 3AA14.7
Monday 22 June at 4.24PMPershore WR10 3DTWR10 3DT22.4
Friday 24 April at 6.09PMNew RdWR10 3HN20.0
Monday 18 May at 2.36PMCropthorneWR10 3NE20.1
Friday 22 May at 11.02AMAnne CresWR11 1HZ16.3
Wednesday 20 May at 9.31AMPershore RdWR11 2PL11.4
Friday 24 July at 9.40AMBevans LnWR11 2QY18.1
Thursday 23 April at 4.06PMDeacle PlWR11 3DD19.7
Wednesday 24 June at 1.38PMEvesham WR11 3DPWR11 3DP28.6
Monday 8 June at 12.49PMHill CrestWR11 3HG13.8
Tuesday 9 June at 9.17AMHill CrestWR11 3HG13.4
Monday 8 June at 9.25AMLanesfield ParkWR11 4NU12.1
Wednesday 24 June at 12.53PMBridge StWR11 4SF26.5
Monday 6 July at 11.32AMManor SideWR11 7EQ17.4
Friday 31 July at 4.53PMEvesham WR11 7TFWR11 7TF32.3
Friday 31 July at 12.01PMWinchcombe RdWR11 7UD31.0
Friday 5 June at 10.37AMMain StWR11 7UF12.4
Monday 6 July at 11.59AMWellandWR13 6NQ17.4
Tuesday 28 April at 6.58PMCharles WayWR14 2NB8.2
Monday 8 June at 12.44PMCotswold RdWR14 2QG13.8
Friday 26 June at 3.26PMGordon TerraceWR14 4ER25.8
Saturday 20 June at 4.13PMNewnham BridgeWR15 8NX19.4
Wednesday 29 July at 7.36PMColumbia DrWR2 4DE19.7
Thursday 16 April at 2.28PMHenwick RdWR2 5PG19.4
Monday 15 June at 4.05PMJacomb RdWR2 6QW23.2
Wednesday 8 April at 10.46AMWorcester WR3 7DZWR3 7DZ15.3
Saturday 9 May at 10.59AMDroitwich RdWR3 7JY19.0
Sunday 13 September at 2.19PMLucerne ClWR3 7NA21.4
Monday 4 May at 1.49PMAstwood RdWR3 8HD13.8
Thursday 2 April at 12.27AMWashbrook ClWR4 0DD6.4
Monday 15 June at 1.20PMWorcester WR4 9NDWR4 9ND22.0
Wednesday 16 September at 1.20PMHillery RdWR5 1RF23.2
Sunday 30 August at 11.53AMNorton ClWR5 3EY15.1
Friday 8 May at 1.04PMPost Office LnWR5 3NX21.8
Saturday 25 April at 1.04PMHillsideWR6 6QN12.9
Thursday 14 May at 6.01PMAbingdon BungalowsWR6 6XY14.6
Thursday 15 October at 11.01AMDormstonWR7 4LB9.3
Sunday 5 July at 1.13PMQuay LnWR8 0BS18.2
Wednesday 19 August at 9.05PMLodge HillWR8 9AD20.2
Monday 4 May at 2.06PMLadywoodWR9 0AN14.9
Monday 18 May at 2.46PMWestbury AveWR9 0RT20.1
Wednesday 27 May at 11.51AMDroitwich WR9 7JXWR9 7JX18.9
Tuesday 26 May at 8.02PMAlexander AveWR9 8NL21.9
Friday 17 July at 12.24PMDroitwich WR9 8SPWR9 8SP22.2
Thursday 28 May at 9.24PMWelland ClWR9 8TX18.5
Friday 5 June at 12.02PMMeadow RdWR9 9DW14.8
Thursday 23 July at 9.41AMCrofters WayWR9 9HU15.5
Sunday 26 April at 4.17PMWestland AveWV3 9NT18.7
Tuesday 5 May at 9.59AMSeisdonWV5 7ER9.1
Wednesday 20 May at 12.22PMTollhouse WayWV5 8AF21.3