These are the 205 Swarm calls to in 2019

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Date TimeLocationPostcodeTemperature
Sunday 21 April at 10.08AMGranary RdB60 3QHNot recorded
Thursday 16 May at 9.30AMWorcester WR8 0PYWR8 0PYNot recorded
Friday 14 June at 9.02AMRegiment ClWR5 2PBNot recorded
Thursday 18 April at 7.18PMCartwright AveWR4 0NZNot recorded
Saturday 20 April at 11.39AMAsh GroveDY9 7JLNot recorded
Saturday 20 April at 11.42AMStoke PriorB60 4HENot recorded
Thursday 16 May at 9.44AMStourbridge DY8 4HRDY8 4HRNot recorded
Saturday 29 June at 9.00AMWells RdWR14 4PDNot recorded
Saturday 20 April at 9.29PMSilsdenBD20 9JGNot recorded
Wednesday 1 May at 1.01PMUnnamed RoadWR14 3HENot recorded
Sunday 15 September at 3.10PMStapleford GroveDY8 5RDNot recorded
Thursday 3 January at 8.35PMNew Wood ClDY7 6SN2.3
Wednesday 10 April at 8.36AMBloxham RdWR12 7EU2.7
Saturday 13 April at 9.17PMEvergreen WayDY13 9GH5.1
Tuesday 2 April at 9.39AMRedditch B98 7HJB98 7HJ5.4
Monday 13 May at 7.36AMEckingtonWR10 3AN5.8
Sunday 12 May at 8.26AMRibbesfordDY12 2TU6.8
Thursday 9 May at 8.55AMBricklehamptonWR10 3HQ8.4
Friday 1 March at 7.49PMMorris RdWR12 7RE8.8
Wednesday 10 April at 1.30PMSnowshill ClB98 8RG9.0
Monday 18 March at 6.53PMLewis ClWR10 2BN9.1
Sunday 28 April at 10.58PMMontpellier GardensDY1 2UQ9.3
Thursday 11 April at 2.15PMLansdowne RdWR1 1ST9.6
Friday 10 May at 8.51PMAstwood BankB96 6PS9.8
Friday 8 February at 8.58AMCompton Rd WWV3 9DH9.8
Thursday 11 April at 3.11PMBattenhall RdWR5 2BP9.8
Sunday 24 March at 11.22AMNorthwick RdWR11 3AL9.9
Wednesday 8 May at 10.10PMSchool CottagesWR10 3HJ9.9
Sunday 28 April at 9.31PMMount PleasantDY6 9TG10.0
Thursday 6 June at 7.57AMWhittingtonWR5 2RQ10.1
Tuesday 11 June at 5.07PMPenn RdWV4 5TY10.1
Tuesday 21 May at 8.27AMTapenhall RdWR3 7TR10.6
Monday 29 April at 9.25AMMount PleasantDY6 9TG10.8
Tuesday 28 May at 8.31AMTibbertonWR9 7NL10.8
Monday 27 May at 7.42AMTibbertonWR9 7NL11.0
Monday 29 April at 10.46AMTansur CtPE19 1RA11.0
Tuesday 11 June at 12.19PMPenn RdWV4 5TY11.3
Saturday 4 May at 4.43PMOld Birmingham RdB60 1DF11.4
Tuesday 14 May at 9.02AMWassell RdB63 4LE11.7
Saturday 6 July at 6.54AMPost Office LnWR3 8RB11.7
Wednesday 8 May at 7.04PMElmley CastleWR10 3HU11.9
Thursday 13 June at 10.46PMN Malvern RdWR14 4LT12.0
Saturday 4 May at 2.11PMDrews Holloway SB63 2AD12.0
Wednesday 15 May at 9.56AMUpland GroveB61 0EL12.1
Thursday 2 May at 2.06PMCorbyns Hall LnDY5 4RG12.2
Wednesday 24 April at 10.09AMPriest Meadow ClB96 6HT12.3
Friday 3 May at 2.44PMCorbyns Hall LnDY5 4RG12.4
Wednesday 1 May at 9.28AMWestwood AveWR9 7BS12.5
Wednesday 1 May at 9.17AMRichardson DrDY8 4DW12.5
Wednesday 15 May at 10.57PMCoronation StWR11 3DF12.6
Tuesday 7 May at 11.34AMStanton AveDY1 3RR12.8
Sunday 19 May at 9.47AMWhite Ladies AstonWR7 4QH12.8
Sunday 19 May at 9.53AMWillow RdWR6 6PS12.8
Sunday 2 June at 9.08PMWaterloo RdDY12 2JL13.0
Wednesday 22 May at 9.13AMSt Andrew's RdWR14 3PR13.6
Tuesday 21 May at 9.48AMHampton LovettWR9 0NY13.6
Wednesday 22 May at 9.31AMThe ClWR10 2HY13.6
Monday 13 May at 10.15AMElmley ClDY11 7NS13.6
Friday 28 June at 9.31AMDilmore AveWR3 7TQ14.0
Friday 28 June at 9.28AMPershore WR10 1DSWR10 1DS14.0
Thursday 20 June at 12.34PMBarnett LnDY8 5PY14.0
Sunday 12 May at 1.20PMLightwoods RdDY9 0TP14.1
Monday 9 September at 1.57PMPensnett RdDY5 3YP14.2
Monday 3 June at 9.47AMBerry Hill Industrial EstateWR9 9AE14.2
Monday 3 June at 9.06AMBolton AveWR4 0ST14.2
Sunday 28 April at 6.30PMKeswick DrDY6 8DZ14.3
Thursday 23 May at 9.20AMCaister AveWR4 0QP14.3
Sunday 12 May at 2.17PMCornwellOX7 6TT14.4
Monday 20 May at 8.42PMMason RdB97 5DS14.4
Sunday 12 May at 2.52PMHighleyWV16 6NU14.4
Saturday 18 May at 3.33PMThorngrove MewsWR2 6NP14.6
Wednesday 19 June at 9.53AMWaterloo RdDY12 2JL14.8
Wednesday 19 June at 9.55AMWalsall WS8 7ENWS8 7EN14.8
Thursday 6 June at 2.51PMBroad StWR10 1BB14.8
Sunday 23 June at 9.11AMRyton ClB98 0EW14.9
Saturday 11 May at 2.53PMSevern StWR1 2ND15.0
Wednesday 29 May at 8.08PMPaddock LnB98 7XT15.1
Sunday 19 May at 5.44PMWestern RdDY8 3XU15.2
Monday 8 July at 10.47AMLangdale RdDY13 0BJ15.2
Wednesday 1 May at 2.54PMCollege RdWR14 3HW15.2
Sunday 12 May at 3.25PMAlexander AveWR9 8NL15.4
Sunday 12 May at 3.45PMPear Tree WayWR9 7JW15.4
Wednesday 3 July at 9.04AMButtonbridgeDY12 3DH15.4
Saturday 18 May at 7.07PMBroomeDY9 0EZ15.4
Tuesday 4 June at 3.58PMCollis StDY8 4EA15.5
Sunday 28 April at 3.05PMHimleyDY3 4DF15.7
Monday 20 May at 11.12AMButchers LnB63 2RU15.7
Monday 15 July at 10.46AMSouth LittletonWR11 8TJ15.7
Thursday 16 May at 7.51PMBobbingtonDY7 5EP15.9
Thursday 16 May at 7.48PMBroomeDY9 0EZ15.9
Tuesday 9 July at 8.34AMPerrins LnDY9 8XP16.0
Tuesday 14 May at 12.57PMOld Ham LnDY9 0UN16.0
Tuesday 30 April at 2.29PMBirmingham B5 7RNB5 7RN16.1
Tuesday 30 April at 2.24PMLong WoodB30 1HT16.1
Wednesday 3 July at 10.04PMRooker AveWV2 2DT16.2
Tuesday 21 May at 8.32PMCarlton AveDY9 9ED16.2
Thursday 6 June at 8.22PMWhittingtonWR5 2RQ16.3
Monday 13 May at 1.30PMFarren RdB31 5HJ16.3
Monday 13 May at 1.13PMMill RdDY13 9GA16.3
Thursday 16 May at 4.56PMDeffordWR8 9BN16.6
Wednesday 22 May at 11.18AMMillbrook ClWR3 7BJ16.6
Sunday 19 May at 12.13PMBeaconhill DrWR2 6DL16.7
Monday 13 May at 7.54PMBraces LnB60 1DY16.7
Wednesday 26 June at 6.29PMStourbridge DY8 3HLDY8 3HL16.8
Thursday 16 May at 5.29PMMorris RdWR12 7RE16.9
Thursday 16 May at 1.12PMMilcote ClB98 7RW16.9
Friday 17 May at 5.15PMGrosvenor WayWR9 7SR16.9
Tuesday 4 June at 12.03PMAnkerage GreenWR4 0DZ17.0
Tuesday 14 May at 8.01PMImpney WayWR9 7EL17.0
Wednesday 19 June at 1.33PMKinverDY7 6LS17.1
Tuesday 30 July at 12.51PMFairview RdDY1 2RT17.1
Tuesday 21 May at 12.31PMActonDY13 9TD17.3
Friday 24 May at 1.04PMMayfield RdB63 1BQ17.3
Monday 13 May at 5.41PMWadboroughWR8 9HL17.4
Wednesday 15 May at 1.54PMWillow Park DrDY8 2HL17.4
Monday 13 May at 5.03PMOld Ham LnDY9 0UN17.4
Monday 25 February at 5.04PMWellington RdWV14 6RN17.5
Tuesday 21 May at 2.24PMStock GreenB96 6TA17.5
Tuesday 18 June at 12.32PMBilston WV14 9NEWV14 9NE17.6
Monday 20 May at 2.07PMThe AvenueB60 1BW17.6
Thursday 16 May at 3.39PMEvesham WR11 8NPWR11 8NP17.8
Monday 17 June at 4.27PMHopton StWR2 5LH17.9
Sunday 11 August at 1.41PMAlexander AveWR9 8NL17.9
Saturday 14 September at 12.04PMHoneybourneWR11 7PR18.0
Friday 24 May at 5.19PMLadywoodWR9 0AJ18.2
Friday 24 May at 5.04PMGlebe LnDY8 3YG18.2
Saturday 6 July at 1.00PMTuckhillWV15 6EW18.4
Saturday 25 May at 11.26AMManor FarmWR7 4RE18.5
Tuesday 14 May at 6.29PMKilbury DrWR5 2NG18.5
Wednesday 19 June at 2.26PMPershore RdWR11 2PL18.5
Saturday 6 July at 12.59PMTalbot StDY5 3DL18.6
Friday 24 May at 2.53PMFrankley GreenB32 4AX18.6
Tuesday 21 May at 1.46PMCarol CresB63 3RR18.6
Wednesday 15 May at 5.28PMCoronation StWR11 3DF18.6
Sunday 14 July at 2.54PMManor AveDY11 6EA18.7
Monday 8 July at 1.51PMDunsley DrDY8 5RA18.7
Friday 31 May at 4.39PMNewlandWR13 5AY18.8
Friday 19 July at 2.27PMWorcester WR2 6AJWR2 6AJ18.8
Tuesday 14 May at 5.11PMBattenhall RdWR5 2BQ18.8
Tuesday 14 May at 5.45PMBrampton ClDY10 3TW18.8
Monday 20 May at 6.55PMCorner LnB97 5WP18.9
Saturday 29 June at 9.50AMElmwood RiseDY3 3QJ18.9
Saturday 20 July at 10.21AMOlive Hill RdB62 8JN18.9
Monday 24 June at 12.33PMPark RdDY9 0NS18.9
Thursday 18 April at 4.23PMBushley ClB98 7TU18.9
Monday 20 May at 6.26PMBarnett LnDY6 9PN18.9
Friday 21 June at 1.59PMBeauchamp BankWR15 8JJ19.0
Tuesday 21 May at 4.16PMHampton LovettWR9 0NY19.0
Tuesday 21 May at 4.20PMChaddesley CorbettDY10 4RD19.0
Sunday 7 July at 2.18PMDotterel PlDY10 4UD19.3
Thursday 30 May at 7.43PMSevern StokeWR8 9JA19.3
Wednesday 22 May at 7.27PMNewfield RdDY9 0HY19.3
Thursday 23 May at 2.17PMWorcester WR2 5EGWR2 5EG19.3
Monday 24 June at 1.52PMCranham DrDY6 8HG19.4
Saturday 17 August at 3.44PMBirchland CottagesWV5 7AS19.4
Tuesday 23 April at 3.33PMNew RdDY4 7BX19.4
Tuesday 2 July at 4.40PMYork CresDY8 4RT19.6
Sunday 23 June at 8.28PMRyton ClB98 0EW19.6
Tuesday 21 May at 5.51PMPurbeck ClB63 1JF19.7
Friday 5 July at 10.45AMWishaw ClB98 7RG19.8
Monday 8 July at 2.44PMPerrins LnDY9 8XP19.9
Saturday 20 April at 1.57PMLower SpurtreeWR15 8LG19.9
Thursday 23 May at 7.16PMChaddesley CorbettDY10 4RD20.0
Tuesday 2 July at 5.25PMStourbridge DY8 3HLDY8 3HL20.1
Thursday 19 September at 2.09PMShawbank RdB98 8YN20.1
Thursday 30 May at 6.03PMSwallow PlWR9 7HD20.2
Saturday 13 July at 6.46PMAlison RdB62 0AX20.2
Thursday 30 May at 6.20PMMay Tree HillWR9 7QU20.2
Saturday 1 June at 11.24AMLyddington DrB62 8TS20.2
Monday 29 July at 11.07AMWalsh CottagesWR6 6RP20.3
Wednesday 10 July at 8.20PMBesford Ct EstateWR8 9LZ20.4
Friday 5 July at 9.11PMBroadmeadowDY6 7HQ20.5
Thursday 4 July at 11.38AMDroitwich RdB96 6HX21.0
Monday 24 June at 2.27PMMainstay Main BuildingWR5 2XZ21.0
Monday 24 June at 2.27PMWorcester WR5 2ZXWR5 2ZX21.0
Sunday 23 June at 4.04PMBadsey RdWR12 7PR21.1
Wednesday 10 July at 2.11PMBesford Ct EstateWR8 9LZ21.4
Monday 15 July at 4.05PMHarvest ClDY3 2HT21.5
Wednesday 3 July at 5.15PMClentDY9 9PE21.6
Saturday 1 June at 12.20PMFroxmere RdWR7 4AL21.6
Thursday 1 August at 6.31PMHagley Rd WB68 0DJ21.7
Friday 20 September at 4.41PMZermatt ClWR3 7NQ21.9
Saturday 22 June at 4.27PMTimbertree CresB64 7ND22.0
Sunday 7 July at 3.15PMBorough CresDY8 3UT22.2
Tuesday 9 July at 4.35PMRoden AveDY10 2RE22.2
Saturday 20 April at 4.55PMLlanidloes SY18 6NLSY18 6NL22.2
Wednesday 17 July at 2.57PMInkberrowWR7 4DY22.3
Saturday 20 April at 5.24PMDunsford ClDY5 3PR22.3
Saturday 20 April at 5.03PMPebworth ClB98 9JX22.3
Saturday 20 April at 5.25PMLinden AveDY13 0EF22.3
Tuesday 16 July at 7.24PMBells LnDY8 5DW22.5
Monday 24 June at 7.29PMChantry RdDY7 6SA22.7
Tuesday 16 July at 8.36PMDormstonWR7 4LB22.8
Monday 24 June at 6.19PMBevere ClWR3 7QH23.5
Saturday 1 June at 4.55PMRossendale ClWR3 7PU23.6
Saturday 1 June at 5.47PMCorbett AveWR9 7BH23.8
Thursday 1 August at 3.12PMHawkstone ClDY11 5EG23.9
Thursday 1 August at 3.13PMKidderminster DY11 7WFDY11 7WF23.9
Thursday 1 August at 3.12PMMargaret RdWR2 4LR23.9
Tuesday 16 July at 3.03PMHarvest ClDY3 2HT24.0
Tuesday 16 July at 2.59PMColley LnB63 2TN24.2
Monday 22 July at 3.15PMCorngreaves RdB64 6BP24.3
Friday 5 July at 3.18PMBroadmeadowDY6 7HQ24.8
Tuesday 23 July at 9.11PMKinshamGL20 8HT25.2
Thursday 25 July at 6.28PMNetherleigh CtWR6 6LL32.1