These are the 138 Swarm calls to in 2018

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Date TimeLocationPostcodeTemperature
Tuesday 26 June at 4.23PMImpney WayWR9 7EL28.0
Monday 25 June at 5.38PMImpney WayWR9 7EL27.9
Friday 27 July at 5.48PMWitley WayDY13 0NE27.8
Monday 25 June at 4.38PMWoodland AveDY8 2XQ27.6
Monday 2 July at 4.59PMWoodbury ClDY5 2TE27.4
Monday 25 June at 3.04PMGoodrest AveB62 0HR27.3
Tuesday 26 June at 7.36PMGoodrest AveB62 0HR27.2
Friday 29 June at 5.19PMDilmore AveWR3 7XA27.0
Monday 2 July at 6.26PMKingswood RdDY6 9TA26.9
Thursday 28 June at 4.28PMBishops WalkB64 7RH26.7
Thursday 28 June at 3.02PMGrafton GardensDY3 3ES26.0
Friday 29 June at 7.14PMBliss GateDY14 9YE26.0
Monday 25 June at 1.11PMPenmanorB60 3BZ25.8
Friday 29 June at 3.32PMChurchillDY10 3LX25.7
Monday 2 July at 11.27AMButtermere CtWV6 7PP24.5
Monday 11 June at 5.35PMBirmingham B48 7DJB48 7DJ24.2
Sunday 3 June at 3.35PMHigh StWR12 7DT24.0
Sunday 3 June at 2.14PMChurch StWR12 7AE23.9
Sunday 3 June at 2.52PMGrove LnWV6 8NJ23.9
Sunday 3 June at 2.09PMKingswayDY13 8NA23.9
Saturday 21 July at 3.37PMBlackpole RdWR4 9SS23.8
Sunday 24 June at 4.18PMParkland AveDY11 6BX23.6
Friday 1 June at 3.13PMSillins AveB98 8JX23.4
Friday 1 June at 3.18PMCheltenham AveB61 0RX23.4
Friday 1 June at 3.29PMManor LnDY8 3ER23.4
Wednesday 4 July at 1.58PMBell StDY8 1AE23.1
Sunday 8 July at 9.19AMOakland DrDY3 2SH23.0
Friday 1 June at 4.29PMChurchfields ClB61 8EE22.9
Saturday 2 June at 5.01PMGreenhillWR11 4LR22.8
Thursday 12 July at 8.45PMGreat WitleyWR6 6JA22.8
Saturday 2 June at 4.49PMHigh StWR12 7DT22.8
Sunday 3 June at 12.41PMHanbury RdB60 4LS22.7
Monday 21 May at 4.03PMPitt StDY10 2UN22.6
Friday 1 June at 2.40PMWycherley WayB64 6DA22.4
Friday 1 June at 7.05PMCheltenham AveB61 0RX22.3
Monday 2 July at 10.48AMWoodbury ClDY5 2TE22.1
Monday 21 May at 5.34PMWestern RdDY9 0JY22.0
Thursday 31 May at 2.18PMStourport-on-Severn DY13 0SADY13 0SA21.8
Friday 22 June at 5.22PMPrimrose HillDY8 5AG21.8
Thursday 31 May at 2.51PMPark StDY9 8SS21.8
Thursday 31 May at 2.57PMFoster St EDY8 1EL21.8
Sunday 20 May at 4.25PMOakland AveWR9 7BT21.3
Tuesday 19 June at 7.22PMEnsall DrDY8 4XX21.2
Tuesday 22 May at 5.15PMPitt StDY10 2UN21.2
Saturday 23 June at 1.23PMKingswood RdDY6 9TA21.2
Sunday 27 May at 3.59PMYork CresDY8 4RT21.1
Sunday 27 May at 3.15PMLinton ClB98 0NA21.1
Wednesday 20 June at 5.32PMLansdowne StWR1 1QD21.1
Sunday 20 May at 2.39PMFoley GardensB60 4LD21.0
Friday 22 June at 4.11PMDroitwich WR9WR9 7FA21.0
Monday 18 June at 1.05PMOakland DrDY3 2SH20.9
Sunday 1 July at 10.46AMClifton upon TemeWR6 6EE20.8
Wednesday 13 June at 1.31PMLeasowe ClWR2 5UF20.7
Wednesday 13 June at 1.40PMSwinton LnWR2 4JP20.7
Saturday 30 June at 11.45AMCorse LawnGL19 4LU20.7
Saturday 30 June at 11.14AMChester Rd SDY10 1XH20.7
Saturday 30 June at 11.33AMDoverdaleWR9 0PF20.7
Friday 1 June at 12.28PMPark RdDY8 3QX20.6
Monday 14 May at 4.19PMSevern StokeWR8 9JP20.3
Monday 3 September at 4.07PMFairwaysWR10 1HA20.2
Wednesday 6 June at 4.26PMGrasmere DrWR4 9HJ20.1
Wednesday 20 June at 1.12PMArgyle ClDY8 4XT19.9
Saturday 11 August at 12.30PMGoodrest AveB62 0HR19.7
Wednesday 23 May at 5.22PMChurch RdB96 6EH19.6
Thursday 31 May at 12.43PMCowleigh RdWR14 1QL19.4
Monday 18 June at 6.28PMPark LnDY12 2ER19.4
Saturday 19 May at 2.16PMGolden Cross LnB61 0JZ19.4
Tuesday 26 June at 8.59AMChelford CresDY6 8PB19.3
Wednesday 27 June at 12.53PMThe LoweWR6 6UA19.2
Monday 16 July at 7.03PMMeriden AveDY8 4QN19.0
Tuesday 29 May at 3.49PMLawnswood RdDY8 5NA19.0
Tuesday 12 June at 6.40PMSwinton LnWR2 4JP18.9
Saturday 19 May at 1.05PMHillary RdDY13 9JP18.8
Thursday 7 June at 4.20PMWorcester WR4 9ELWR4 9EL18.8
Saturday 2 June at 11.19AMBredon ViewWR11 2QX18.5
Friday 22 June at 1.47PMBanners LnB97 5NA18.4
Thursday 12 July at 11.24AMRussell SquareWR12 7BU18.3
Friday 22 June at 9.24PMLayamon WalkDY13 0AG18.3
Thursday 7 June at 3.18PMDunnington AveDY10 2YT18.3
Thursday 31 May at 8.55PMCrimmond RiseB63 3RA18.3
Tuesday 12 June at 4.52PMChawn HillDY9 7JD18.1
Tuesday 11 September at 7.34PMHungerford RdDY8 3AB18.1
Monday 18 June at 9.05AMRynal PlWR11 4PZ17.8
Monday 20 August at 10.51PMMartin HussingtreeWR3 7SX17.4
Friday 15 June at 2.29PMEdenhall RdB32 1DA17.2
Tuesday 18 September at 9.23AMChurch StWR11 1DT17.1
Monday 4 June at 6.03PMFoley GardensB60 4LD17.1
Tuesday 18 September at 9.27AMEvesham WR11 4NSWR11 4NS17.1
Thursday 24 May at 9.14PMHimleyDY3 4LD17.1
Monday 11 June at 9.46AMGordon TerraceWR14 4ER17.1
Tuesday 12 June at 1.49PMTimmis RdDY9 7BQ16.9
Sunday 17 June at 2.52PMOakland DrDY3 2SH16.7
Tuesday 2 October at 10.47AMSunningdale RdB61 7NN16.5
Monday 25 June at 8.59AMLeigh Court BarnsWR6 5LB16.5
Monday 4 June at 9.25AMUpland RdB61 0EE16.3
Saturday 2 June at 12.16AMRedhall RdDY3 2NN16.2
Monday 28 May at 1.10PMMonument LnB45 9QH16.2
Friday 11 May at 4.23PMPear Tree WayWR9 7JW16.0
Tuesday 15 May at 11.39AMSevern StokeWR8 9JP16.0
Saturday 26 May at 2.09PMDenleigh RdDY6 8PX15.9
Saturday 19 May at 11.04AMCrescent RdWR13 6QW15.9
Wednesday 27 June at 10.08AMLapworth ClB98 7RJ15.8
Tuesday 5 June at 3.08PMOak Tree DrWR9 0QY15.8
Friday 8 June at 11.20AMSmiths AveWR2 4JX15.6
Wednesday 30 May at 10.16PMHarrington RdWR2 5HB15.6
Wednesday 20 June at 8.16PMWalton ClDY13 0LS15.5
Wednesday 30 May at 11.27PMHimbleton RdWR2 6BA15.4
Wednesday 16 May at 4.07PMBlackmore RdWR14 1QT14.9
Thursday 24 May at 4.24PMOak Tree DrWR9 0QY14.9
Sunday 20 May at 10.32AMGrove ParkDY6 9AF14.9
Wednesday 5 September at 8.09PMMoat Farm CottagesWR11 8US14.9
Friday 4 May at 12.55PMEvesham WR11 3PXWR11 3PX14.6
Monday 2 July at 6.39AMWoodbury ClDY5 2TE14.6
Saturday 26 May at 11.23AMShirley RdWR9 8NR14.1
Tuesday 29 May at 8.46AMEliot WalkDY10 3XP14.1
Thursday 10 May at 8.39PMSt Andrews WayB61 7NR14.0
Saturday 9 June at 10.15AMMalvern WR14WR14 2UX14.0
Saturday 19 May at 10.59AMAbberton RdWR10 2LU13.9
Tuesday 17 July at 7.35AMMeddins LnDY7 6DD13.1
Friday 22 June at 8.44AMWolverleyDY11 5XN13.1
Wednesday 10 October at 9.28AMAlbert Rd NWR14 2BF11.7
Thursday 24 May at 1.22PMMontpellier GardensDY1 2UQ11.6
Monday 16 April at 1.13AMWhitbourneWR6 5RR10.0
Thursday 24 May at 9.33AMWestern RdDY9 0JY9.9
Monday 2 April at 12.32PMHopton WafersDY14 0HN9.4
Tuesday 2 January at 3.39PMBishops WalkB64 7RH8.8
Thursday 3 May at 9.24AMUpper Meadow RdB32 1NX7.3
Monday 23 April at 7.55AMStourbridge DY7 6RXDY7 6RX7.1
Wednesday 11 April at 12.09PMWorcester WR3 7GDWR3 7GD7.0
Wednesday 11 April at 12.19PMWorcester WR3WR3 8BU7.0
Thursday 12 April at 9.48PMWychbold ClB97 5YG6.6
Saturday 13 January at 12.24PMWolverleyDY11 5SQ5.9
Monday 19 March at 7.15PMOmbersley RdWR3 7EZ4.4
Thursday 21 June at 11.41AMStourport-on-Severn DY13DY13 0EFNot recorded
Sunday 17 June at 12.20PMBridgnorth WV15 6ESWV15 6ESNot recorded
Tuesday 5 June at 5.04PMCorser StDY8 2DENot recorded
Tuesday 15 May at 2.21PMMain StWR11 7JHNot recorded
Thursday 1 March at 8.34PMRobins CornerWR11 4RJ-2.5

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