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CEDAR NATIONAL BROOD For Sale CEDAR NATIONAL BROOD £35.00 National brood in cedar, screwed construction, scraped scorched and treated with Barrentine preserver in reasonable condition and ready to use.
NATIONAL SUPER For Sale NATIONAL SUPER £10.00 This is a National Super empty probably cedar. It has been scraped, torched and treated with Barrentines preserver. It has a very small area of woodpecker damage not worth repairing.
2 bee hives, extractor and other bits for sale For Sale 2 bee hives, extractor and other bits for sale £250.00 1 x bespoke long langstroth insulated hive. Made from 60mm thick marine ply with aluminium roof. Really solid. 1 x langstroth hive with 4 supers and extractor kit used once. No diseases. Suffered queen loss and due to circumstances change can no longer put time in. Call gareth on 07747458704 for details
Beekeeping Suit - Cappuccino For Sale Beekeeping Suit - Cappuccino £45.00 Beekeeping Suit - Cappuccino. All sizes can be found on www.goldbeestore.co.uk
National Super Empty (Cedar Flat) For Sale National Super Empty (Cedar Flat) £20.00 Maismore Apiaries Cedar super in the flat
Stainless Steel Hive Tool For Sale Stainless Steel Hive Tool £5.00 Thornes stainless steel hive tool never used half price
Rapid Feeder For Sale Rapid Feeder £1.75 A used Thornes (M1010) Rapid Feeder very clean
L12 Tamper Labels Plain White For Sale L12 Tamper Labels Plain White £10.00 One thousand L12 Tamper Labels Plain White, will cost you £28 from Thornes
Bag of 72 Metal Lids For Sale Bag of 72 Metal Lids £8.50 Metal Jar Lids - 1lb round lids x 72 gold laquer finish
Stainless Steel Frame Lifter For Sale Stainless Steel Frame Lifter £5.00 13cm rotating stainless steel handles the spring-loaded frame grip is designed to grip a frame to pull it from the super or brood.
Thornes Double Strainer Nylon For Sale Thornes Double Strainer Nylon £5.00 Thorne's say "A very effective and inexpensive version of the popular stainless steel strainer. Ideal for 30lb. buckets. Food grade plastic and nylon mesh, probably the most popular strainer we have", and they sell it for £10
STAINLESS STEEL HIVE TOOL For Sale STAINLESS STEEL HIVE TOOL £5.00 Standard stainless steel hive tool about 270 mm long
THORNES UNCAPPING FORK For Sale THORNES UNCAPPING FORK £1.00 Yellow plastic Thornes uncapping fork
Beekeeping Gauntlets XL New X Very Long Cuff For Sale Beekeeping Gauntlets XL New X Very Long Cuff £15.00 A pair of new beekeeping gauntlets in kid size XL with very long gauntlets made by Buzz Work Wear.
Pair of XL Beekeeping Gloves Slightly Used For Sale Pair of XL Beekeeping Gloves Slightly Used £10.00 This is a pair of size XL beekeeping gloves in kid leather, they have been used slightly
Pair of Large Beekeeping Gloves New For Sale Pair of Large Beekeeping Gloves New £15.00 This is a pair of kid beekeeping gloves size L new
Polythene Bottling Tank For Sale Polythene Bottling Tank £15.00 I have three of these polythene bottling tanks for sale, similar to but not necessarily the same as, the one in picture. Polythene gate valve and lid, about a 50kg capacity. £15 each (£30 at Thornes).
Wax & honey Separator Pail For Sale Wax & honey Separator Pail £49.90 This stainless steel pail is used to separate honey from wax during hot extraction, the handle makes it easy to move. The jar of honey is for size comparison only
Thornes English Feeder For Sale Thornes English Feeder £7.00 Rapid type plastic feeder with one central hole. Bees come up through the hole and over the dome. A cup over the dome allows feed to flow into the central area but prevents bees from escaping into the feeder.
Aluminium Tins For Sale Aluminium Tins £2.00 A bag of ten aluminium two-part tins (for polish?)
Solar Wax Extractor Small For Sale Solar Wax Extractor Small £75.00 A Thornes small Solar Wax Extractor will cost you £160.75 from Mr Thorne, yours for £75. Note that one sheet of glass needs replacing and that the wax is not included but represents the size of the collecting tray.
Standard Uncapping Tray For Sale Standard Uncapping Tray £50.00 Old, leaks a tiny bit and has no power lead but works well when hot
Clip Catcher - Never Used For Sale Clip Catcher - Never Used £1.50 Press between thumb and forefinger to open the cage. Place over the comb and pick up the queen. If worker bees are also gathered they can escape through the queen excluder size slots.
UCAPPING KNIFE For Sale UCAPPING KNIFE £7.50 Very sharp stainless steel blade 280mm long and 35mm wide plastic handle


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